When you come across something you've never seen before

Posted: Saturday, 9 August 2014 @ 17:08

There aren't many times that I've come across things on the internet that I've never seen before.  Most things are a slight variation of something you can easily find in thousands of other websites but we have just come across this:

who on earth would buy this

It is defined a vee string - or effectively a strap-on vagina (or labia if you wanted to be anatomically correct).

My first thought was "bloody hell - never seen something like that before" - and then quickly to "who in hell would buy one of those"..

For those of you with male genitalia, if you wanted to, potentially you can now look more feminine (so perhaps targeted at pre-op transsexuals?) - with a vaginal opening, the ability urinate sitting down and clitoral stimulation... Not sure how much of a market this is for this type of product, but I can safely say that I haven't seen anything like this before...

This post is not a promotion of this product - just commenting on odd stuff that we come across on the Internet.


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