Musings from the last Monday in July

Posted: Sunday, 27 July 2014 @ 14:28

Commonwealth Games are well underway - The Queen photobombs a selfie and England winning a few gold medals in the first few days. Australia head the medals table but no sign of the United States in the top 10!

A few things we know this week but didn't last week....

  1. Landmines planted on the coasts during the Falklands War accidentally created penguin sanctuaries. The penguins are too light to detonate the mines, so they live and breed safely. The sanctuaries are so popular and profitable that there are efforts to prevent removal of the mines. – [Source].
  2. It's possible to charge a Nokia Lumia 930 using 800 apples and potatoes connected with copper wire and nails. [Source].
  3. Stallone spent nine days in hospital after Lundgren hit him for real while filming Rocky IV [Source].
  4. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin had to remember not to close the door on the Eagle Lunar Lander, because it had no outside door handle. [Source].
  5. Only around 35% of Americans have passports. This figure is an all-time high. [Source].
  6. There are no snakes in New Zealand. [Source].
  7. Due to their small brains, koalas are unable to perform complex, unfamiliar tasks such as eating leaves off of flat surfaces. [Source].

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