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Posted: Friday, 1 August 2014 @ 08:50

This little gaming console was the first and most popular of its kind (almost 119 million sold to date) when it came out on 31st July 1989 (although was sold in Japan earlier in the year).  It took batteries, but could also be recharged via a power supply if you used rechargeable batteries.

original Gameboy

The one I had came with Tetris - and the monochrome green screen had shapes falling, minimal buttons for control - but you could swap the cartridge for other games - like Pokémon and Super Mario.  Other consoles such as Sega Game Gear had much better technical spec, but the Gameboy sold the most units.  Some of the original units are probably worth a fair bit of money on eBay if you have one stored away in it's original box.

As it is the beginning of August the expected downpours or rain in the UK will make it seem that Winter has already started so for those of you going to festivals don't forget to pack for the rain and inevitable mud!

Funnies on Friday


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