Great asses of the summer

Posted: Sunday, 20 July 2014 @ 14:55

It has been quite warm here over the last week (which is rare for the UK), and some incredible thunderstorms over the last few nights.  Skies lit up completely, very loud claps on thunder and then torrential rain.  This is of course nothing compared to many parts of the world, but quite novel when it doesn't happen often where you live!

Things we don't do any more

  • Ring the speaking clock
  • Buy Radio Times or TV Times
  • Make mix-tapes
  • Have a phone-book to remember all your friends numbers
  • Get a camera film developed
  • Buy disposable cameras
  • Make a photo album
  • Ring the cinema to see what times the films are on.
  • Write love letters
  • Check a map before making a journey
  • Read a printed copy of the Yellow Pages
  • Have pen friends
  • Use pagers
  • Lookup a word you don't know in the dictionary
  • Rewind video tapes before taking them back to Blockbuster
  • Take plenty of change for the payphone
  • Own an encyclopaedia
  • Have a CD collection
  • Pay in a cheque
  • Go into a florist to buy flowers
  • Send postcards when on holiday
  • Hand wash clothes
  • Use a fax machine
  • Watch programmes when they are actually shown.
  • Dial 1471 when you get home to see who called when you were out.
  • Keep bank statements
  • Advertise in classifieds in papers
  • Go to a travel agent to research your next holiday.
  • Put a card in the local shop window
  • Reverse charges for phone calls

There isn't much nicer than the aesthetics of a beautiful female bum, so without further to do, here are some worthy photos.

Examples of some really great bums


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