Blogwars.com was originally founded by writer Jay Stile in late 1990s and was part of the Stile Project empire until it was all sold in December 2010. After selling the site, Stile apparently went on to study computer science and received his postgrad degree in 2013.

After being taken over by new management, Stile's site such as TheVidVault.com, womenofstile.com, stilenet.com all gradually disappeared over the following couple of years including this domain: Blogwars.com.

After spending a large amount of time on Stile's sites over the years, we noticed that the domain Blogwars.com was for sale and just consisted of a holding page and after a bit of negotiation we bought it.

We realise that the internet has moved on quite a bit since the Blogwars.com's hayday, but we are aiming to bring it back to life with new content going forward for the future.

For any specific questions, please contact us.

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